Welcome to my website, My name is Sanjeel Sunny. in this article you can download the professional dark Tone Preset for free. How To Edit Dark Tone Photography, Lightroom Presets Pack Download For Free. You can use this premium preset to edit Professional Portrait Photography. This Lightroom Mobile preset pack is a must-have for your Personal and Professional Photography. You can use the preset to edit photos of your Instagram feed, Facebook, or Creative Clicks. This preset will donate a Premium Dark tone look to your Photography.

All our presets are pre-tested on different images. But please remember that all Lightroom presets work differently because each photo is unique (light, color, etc.) You can make small adjustments and find perfect settings! Use this preset as the basis for working with an image.

Recommended adjustments:

  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Blacks
  • Saturation
  • Color Mix

Video Tutorial

Free Lightroom preset editing for your photos. Watch the Preset video tutorial for the preset adjustments.



Lightroom is a powerful application by adobe. Lightroom was basically launched for pc, mac, and windows but after the great success of lightroom on the windows platform. adobe thought of launching a lightroom mobile application for the people who don’t have windows pc. Adobe Lightroom mobile is a powerful app with all the complete features in it.

Lightroom mobiles also come in Lightroom pro apk with some cool features for prime users.  lightroom helps to adjust lights and colors in your photo and helps to create amazing color grading in your photo. this article m gonna give you free yellow pop-up lightroom mobile presets.


Hoy to use Professional Dark Tone Preset :

  • download  presets from the above download button
  • select these presets and import them to Lightroom mobile
  • ope lightroom
  • open these presets in Lightroom
  • from option, menu choose to copy settings
  • now open your photo in lightroom
  • from option, menu choose paste setting
  • and you are all done


Sometimes presets don’t work on every photo, so try to edit some settings manually to get better results on your photos. Enjoy our presets and create something awesome. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our channel for more presets. 






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~Thank You~

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