Sanjeel Sunny

Hi again, I'm Sanjeel.

I’m a UI/UX designer based in Hyderabad, passionate about how the user interface & user experience can improve quality of life. Currently, I’m teamed up with WeMakeScholars, where I assist the organization in reaching the appropriate audience through captivating visuals.

I have previously worked at Brolly, where I designed visuals and websites to help startups and businesses. I initially started as a graphic designer, gradually honing my visual design skills and web designing. I have now moved into the world of User interface and experience to extend my skills and abilities to the fullest potential.

As a Designer, I enjoy crafting websites and apps that help actual people. I believe and stand by the saying “Design For Humans, Not Users.” This is what I consider while designing to ensure customer-satisfactory results that not only stand out but exhibit my skills and love for the profession.

Aside from designing, I take an interest in reading. I like to explore a variety of genres including personality development, and money management as well as design-related blog articles that unskill my knowledge and art form.

I enjoy collaborating with like-minded people so if you want to chat or collaborate, feel free to reach out to me at my social handles.